A Marriage of Two Desires

Have always desired a classic grey tie that would serve as a plain counterpoint to the fancy jacketings I’m fond of.

I decided to marry that desire with my fondness for personalization (it’s always nice leaving your mark, somehow), and Gerald from Vanda Fine Clothing scoured for the ring, examined it for quality, and decided on design. In short, I thought of marriage, Vanda did all the leg-work.

One might well have guessed that having a Chinese character embroidered is no mean feat, and having it embroidered on the front of the tie, with the monogram positioned at the exact point as the emblem on The Armoury tie, as opposed to on the blade where mistakes are less visible, is double the trouble.

Am pleased with the outcome and how Vanda managed to replicate the Chinese character reasonably well. And may this marriage between ideas and implementations last … ‘for better or for worse … (You know the rest. Your wife reminds you every time she finds out you have a fitting with your tailor)’

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    A rather special order for C.L., documented from start to finish.
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  • Posted: 29 May 2013